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Terms and Conditions We invite you to understand the terms and condition of our company. Our goal is to provide high quality writing and consider the benefits of our clients at the highest level. We will appreciate if you look at our terms and condition before to place the order, we will assume that you agree with all terms and condition listed here and ready to get benefits from our unique writing services.

When a customer submits an order or purchase a product, we must recognize that the product is for personal use and not for commercial purposes. Freelance writer will be responsible for the preparation of all written materials and then transfer all of their ownership and rights in the company.

The agreement on conditions means that the company has full authority to charge your credit card for the services they provide in order. For other payment methods, the company has the same legal authority.
If there is any kind of false instruction may be seen that it will be immediately transferred to the concerned authorities without any wait. If any person steels and misuses the credit cards of the other members by illegal manner then he will be reported to the police soon earlier.

In order to find out the spam filters, incorrect e-mail address, and inaccessibility of internet on the client’s side or general disregard, Our Company will not take further responsibility for that issues. This can be handled by the customer service support which operates 24/7 hours to solve order delivery delays and the other issues.

My Custom Essays will ensure you to provide your papers on time delivery but in case, if there is any delay due to any certain reason then the full repay can be requested. But before the company accepts or rejects your request, they examine the problem first and then take any decision. If you want not to tackle these types of issues then you must provide the information in a correct manner and updates software.

We have valuable customers available and so our main purpose is our customer satisfaction in order to offer them with a fair revision policy for our clients. The revision can be declared according to the size of the assignment papers that how much it contains long material and then a small fee will be charged.

In case, if you do not find any agreement with our work then you will find an opportunity of money back guarantee. The time duration of claiming about this is within 3 days after the work has been delivered to you.
Make sure that if you do not want the writers to do your work and you need to cancel the order then you should cancel it only before the work has been delivered to you.

The company has full rights on accepting and rejecting the order that depends on such cases like A: If you are delaying in paying the complete payment for the order, your work will not be credited. Our company will not be responsible for that case. B: Also if your provided material is out of information and has unclear instruction then company will not take its responsibility if there is any delay. C: Remember, if you fail to answer the questions from our writers then you will not get any chances of repay the money.

Copyright and Personal Use

The services delivered by our company to the customers are fully copyrighted and they contain original material on which the company or its affiliate partners keep hold on.

The website of our company has a lot of material guidance in which products and services are available are for the personal use and non-commercial use only. Customers are not eligible to distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display or create copied works from our website without granting permission from the company.

If the customers agree to identify, defend and grip harmless the company for any unauthorized use of materials from the website and delivered products or contents of this website then they can be involved in the civil or criminal penalties.

No Plagiarism

Customers should have proper information that the company assets the rights to cancel any agreement, contract or arrangement committed with any person who is delivering the plagiarized products as original to the third parties for any payment purpose. Customers must acknowledge themselves that if the company thinks that you have distributed any form of plagiarism material to the others then the company has total rights to turn down to take out any services for you on the next time.

One more thing that customers should be carefully noted about is do not put your name on the products which have been delivered because these products or written materials are used for only the purpose of reference. В We are against of any plagiarized acts or false usage of academic field and dishonesty.

We strongly prefer to stay on our copyright laws and so will not permit any of the customers to commit any plagiarism copyright laws. Customers concur that any product or written material that is delivered is given only as a model like document for research use or any types of ideas from our written documents that you make use of, reference, refer to or any kind of usage must be properly and officially certified to the website.

The company or its affiliates and partners have no accountability for any unethical, inappropriate, illegal or wrong use of the products or written material received from our website in any case because it contains plagiarism, lawsuits, poor grading, expulsion, academic probation, loss of scholarships/awards/grants/prizes/titles/positions, failure, suspension or any other disciplinary or legal measures. Only the buyers of material from our website are responsible for all of these conditions.

Privacy and Security

The customers should refer to the privacy policy page for information about theВ security of their ordering information and credit card number at the time of ordering product.


You should have knowledge about that the company may bring some other variations in these terms and conditions that’s why we suggest you to review these terms and conditions from time to time so that you can immediately know such changes of our website.


Suppose if you decide to place your order at then you should be sure that you can agree to the terms and conditions without any objections. You are demanded to give us appropriate information about your work and also provide applicable resources that cannot be easily available to us. If both the company and the client attempt mutual cooperation then the work can be done in an easier way.